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Weren’t able to buy tickets for that festival you’ve been eyeing during the general sale? Can’t make it anymore and need to sell your tickets? Not to worry, FestFriends has you covered! Simply click on the festival you’re interested in, complete the appropriate form, and we’ll handle the rest!

We are matching buyers and sellers as a pilot service for our mobile app marketplace, which will be fully launched and operational later this year.


FestFriends is a tech start-up disrupting the way people experience music festivals.

Our mobile app, releasing later this year, allows users to buy and sell music festival tickets through an environment similar to the stock market. Users place bids and asks on tickets, by setting a price they are willing to pay or accept for a particular ticket. When a bid and ask meet at the same price, the platform automatically sets the transaction.

Our platform operates on four key principles:


Price Transparency

With FestFriends, users have access to all current offers and the full sales history for the item they’re looking at, regardless of their location. You know exactly how much tickets are being bought and sold for, and don’t have to worry about ridiculous 30% fees that creep up at the last second.

We’re looking at you StubHub.



What makes FestFriends unique is the fact that we act as an intermediary to authenticate every ticket. After the platform sets the transaction, the seller sends us the actual wristband ticket to verify that the item is legitimate and exactly as advertised. Once our team has completed the authentication process, we send the ticket to the buyer, and release the funds to the seller.

No more uncomfortable interactions in dimly-lit parking lots.



Transactions are completely anonymous, so buyers and sellers don’t have to worry about sifting through countless pages of listings and clutter to find a person they’re comfortable with. All they have to worry about is the price they are willing to pay or accept for the ticket they want to buy or sell.

FestFriends takes care of the rest.


Peace of Mind

The result is that the parties on both sides of the transaction can operate with peace of mind. The buyer knows that they will receive a legitimate ticket for the money they are paying, while the seller knows that they will receive payment for the item they are sending out.

So everyone can worry about more important things… like what outfits to wear and which performers to see.


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