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Frequently Asked Questions

Last Updated: March 11th, 2019

General Info

Q: What is FestFriends? How does it work?

A: FestFriends is a bid and ask marketplace designed for users to buy and sell tickets at a fair market price in a secure and convenient transaction. FestFriends fosters a safe environment for festival-goers to buy and sell tickets for popular music festivals. What makes us unique is that we act as an intermediary party in the transaction, and authenticate all tickets to ensure validity. Once a buyer and seller have been matched, the seller sends us the ticket in the mail to verify its legitimacy. Once we do that, we ship it off to the buyer and release the money to the seller. No more sketchy meet-ups in Walmart parking lots.

Q: I’m looking for a specific music festival and can’t find it. What can I do?

A: There are over 800 festivals in the United States alone, with new ones popping up every week. Realistically, it’s not feasible for us to list every festival out there, and still maintain the value and quality of our services. FestFriends strives to facilitate transactions for the most popular festivals, and provide the best service possible, to ensure a secure and convenient transaction process for both our buyers and sellers. This requires us to vet and have a thorough expertise of every festival event we list. We want to make sure each of the festivals listed on our platform has a track record of success, to ensure any mishaps for our users later on.

If there is an event that you think we should feature, you can submit a request. Please keep in mind that we will not make any exceptions for events (or products related to events) that are not featured. And no, we will not list Fyre Festival tickets.

Q: I purchased a ticket/wristband from another source. Can you inspect it to see if I can sell it on your site?

A: Unfortunately, only the tickets that have gone through our marketplace and sales process qualify for inspection by our team.

Q: Is FestFriends an anonymous marketplace?

A: Even though FestFriends does store information via your buying/selling profiles, transactions are completely anonymous. There is no way for a buyer to know from whom they are receiving a ticket from and vice versa.

Q: Does FestFriends have any requirements or pricing on any of the tickets sold?

A: Nope! The market prices of the festival tickets are set completely by you and other festival goers. This is what is so amazing about the FestFriend marketplace.

Q: What currency are the prices on the platform displayed in?

A: At the moment, the FestFriends market only supports transactions in USD. If we decide to accept other forms of currency, we will let you know!

Q: How do I contact FestFriends?

A: For support inquiries email with a description of your concern. Be sure to include order numbers and other relevant information.

Q: This looks pretty cool! How do I apply for a job?

A: We’re always looking to grow and add more passionate and talented festival lovers to our team. For a list of openings, head over to our Jobs page and apply. If you don’t see the position you’re interested in, send an email with your information and what you’d like to do to


Q: How do I buy a ticket on the FestFriends platform?

A: You can purchase tickets on FestFriends through one of two options; you can either choose to place a “Bid,” which is an offer to buy a ticket at a price you designate. Alternatively, you can choose to “Buy Now” by accepting the Lowest Ask available active in the market. If/when a user on the other side of the transaction matches the price of your offer, our platform will automatically and anonymously match you and set the transaction. Once you place a Bid or Buy Now, all that’s left for you to do is relax and wait to receive your ticket! The seller sends us the physical wristband ticket the mail so we can authenticate it and make sure everything is correct, for your protection. Once we do that, we send it off to you.

Q: When do I get charged for a ticket I purchase on FestFriends?

A: Your payment method stored on file will be charged for the total amount once your bid has been matched with a seller’s ask and the transaction is completed. If you opt for the Buy Now option, this will be once you click the confirm button. If you place a bid, you will be charged when a seller places an ask at the same price and the platform matches you with them.

Q: The seller hasn’t shipped my tickets yet and it’s getting close to the start date of the festival. I am concerned I will not receive my tickets in time, what do I do?

A: Waiting on a festival ticket can be extremely exciting, and also nerve-wracking. We get it, we’ve been there before. FestFriends will always make sure to keep you up-to-date, and inform you if there is a chance of your ticket not arriving in time, and take appropriate action.

Note: Sh*t happens. We will always do whatever is within our capacity to get you a legitimate ticket in time for the start of a festival. This may include arranging for in-person pickup near the festival venue, or coordinating with a FestFriends Grounds Team member to get you your ticket. We will communicate with you and be fully transparent to provide you with the best possible service and experience.

Q: I didn’t think that my bid would get accepted. Can I cancel my order?

A: To maintain the fairness, consistency, and legitimacy of the marketplace, we cannot cancel your order after it has been placed. When you place a bid, you are making a binding offer to purchase the ticket at the price you designate. Please be sure to read our buying terms and policies, and be sure you want to purchase a ticket before placing a bid.

If you have an issue with the items you ordered, please email with a description of your concern.

Q: Why do I get charged for my ticket before I receive it?

A: Your payment is what reserves the ticket for you in our marketplace. There is a high number of users looking to purchase tickets, and it is important

Q: How do I know I will receive my ticket before the beginning of the event?

A: We always make sure to hold our sellers accountable to our seller policies; sellers will have 2 days to ship the ticket(s) for authentication by our team, once we are aware they have received the ticket from the festival operator. We make sure to prevent any sales that would cause the buyer to receive the ticket(s) after the event has officially started. For sales taking place close to the event where there’s a risk of not being able to deliver in time, we may arrange for in-person pick-up options. We will communicate this with you clearly to make sure you know exactly what’s going on.

Q: What should I do if think the ticket(s) I’ve received are damaged, counterfeit, tampered with or dysfunctional?

A: Send an email to, include your number in the subject in your email and attach an image of the items with a description of the concern(s) to the email. If we feel that the item(s) need to be returned to FestFriends, we will work to provide options for  reimbursement, discounts, returns and other similar options.

Q: Why is there an authorization hold on my card when I place a Bid on a ticket?

A: Authorizations holds are used to make sure that the sale goes through when your bid is accepted.

Q: I just bought and paid for my ticket. When do I get it?

A: FestFriends will always try to make sure that your ticket gets to you as soon as possible. For transactions made before the festival’s ticket Send Out Date*, we must wait until the seller receives his or her ticket in order to begin the exchange process. Don’t worry, there are rules and regulations in place to make sure that the seller is accountable for the product he or she has sold. We will also be sure to notify you along the way.

*Send Out Date: This is the date that the festival operator sends out the actual wristband tickets to the initial buyer (the seller in our transactions).


Q: How do I sell a ticket on the FestFriends platform?

A: You can list items your would like to sell on FestFriends by one of two options; you can either choose to place an “Ask” which creates an offer to sell at a price you designate. Alternatively, you can choose to “Sell Now” by accepting the Highest Bid active in the market. If/when a user on the other side of the transaction matches the price of your offer, our platform will automatically and anonymously match you and set the transaction. All you have to do then is send your ticket wristband to us in the mail for authentication. Once we’ve received and confirmed everything is good to go, you get paid!

Q: Oops! I didn’t want to do that! My ask got accepted and I want to cancel. How can I do that?

A: We cannot cancel an order after it has been place to maintain fairness throughout the marketplace. All sales are final, and by placing an Ask, you are making a binding offer to sell a ticket at a particular price. Please review our terms and be sure you want to sell your ticket(s) before placing an Ask.

If you have an issue with the items you sold, please email with a description of your concern.

Q: Can I place an ask for tickets to an event if I haven’t received my tickets yet?

A: Yes. You can list tickets for an event that has not started yet. However, please take note of when you will be required to ship us the tickets after your ask has been matched with a bid. We will provide sufficient time for you to receive the ticket from the festival operator or ticket distributor.

Q: Someone accepted my Ask. What do I do now?

A: Once your Ask is accepted and a transaction is placed, we will send you instructions with the next steps. A shipping label will be automatically generated when the time comes so you can send us the ticket in the mail for authentication. You are responsible for packaging the ticket, exactly as advertised in your listing, so that it arrives to us intact and undamaged, within the required timeframe to avoid any penalties.

Q: What should I send my wristband in?

A: You must properly package your item so that it can safely arrived to our facilities for authentication. A padded envelope from UPS would work fine. Ask a UPS employee what they recommend if you’re unsure.

Q: What happens if my ticket fails authentication?

A: Creating a safe buying and selling community for festival goers is the FestFriends team’s top priority. We take fake, altered, stolen, tampered and/or damaged products very seriously. If we determine that the received item falls into one of the aforementioned failure categories, the necessary actions needed to provide the best customer service possible to the buyer will occur at the discretion of the FestFriends authentication team. These actions could result in a loss of the item(s) as well as additional charges incurred. See our Terms for more details.

Q: What do I include in the package when I send my ticket?

A: The only thing you need to include is the item sold. However, you must use the shipping label we provided you.

Q: I just sent out my ticket. When do I get paid?

A: Patience, young grasshopper. We will release funds as soon as your sold item passes our verification tests and is ready to be shipped out to the buyer.